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Kuangshen _ Infinite Fiction Network _ www.55x.cn (23rd Nov 22 at 12:46am UTC)
As soon as he entered the Demon Temple, Lucifer immediately set up a boundary and hurriedly said, "Lei Xiang, how can you promise Lord Hades?"? He's using you, you know? He's trying to destroy you! If you die inside, there is no harm to him, if you come out alive, and the power is greatly increased, he can rely on you to suppress the God King, do you think the God King's seal is so easy to break? I smiled indifferently and said, "Elder brother, I know all this, but I still want to go.". I need strength. I need to wake up my wife. I won't let Hades get away with it. Stop trying to persuade me. I don't even care about death anymore. What else is there to be afraid of. By the way, where is the Brahma Dragon? Lucifer sighed and said, "Now that you have decided, I will not persuade you any more.". The Brahma Dragon is also very powerful. When he was attacked by the God King,heavy duty metal racks, he gathered all his thoughts and remaining energy in his head. When the attack came, he floated to the tail with the force of the attack. His body was very solid, and he survived the damage of his body, but he was also badly hurt and almost died. The Brahma Dragon has been living in the three realms for too long. As long as consciousness exists, he cannot die at all. He only needs to reabsorb the aura between heaven and earth to revive. It happened to be the day of the angel's tears, and he took the opportunity to absorb a lot of energy. When I rescued you,Teardrop Pallet Racking, I brought him back by the way. He is now in the process of hidden repair and recovery. It will take about a year to recover to his former state. You don't have to worry about him. You have to worry about yourself. That place is too horrible. Don't go there. I know that Lucifer is for my own good, and he wants to give me up, but what I have decided will not be changed in any case. I smiled and said, "Now that Brahma is all right, I'm relieved.". You and the keeper say that place is terrible, so you tell me now and let me have a preparation. Lucifer shook his head with a misty look in his eyes and said slowly, "That's a place that shouldn't be there at all.". It is in a corner of the underworld. Remember I once told you that there are several places in the underworld that you can't go? Once in, it is very difficult to come out again. That place is the most dangerous and horrible one. People in the underworld call it the cave of devouring souls. I'm afraid only the Father knows how it came into being, where there is no life within a hundred miles. I came to the underworld at that time. As an angel of freedom, although Lord Hades wanted to take me in, he was opposed by all the underworld races. After all, cantilever racking system ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, I had killed too many underworld creatures in the war between the two worlds. Later, they unanimously agreed to accept me into the underworld as long as I could come out of the soul-eating cave alive. When I first came to the underworld, I agreed in anger. There was a flash of fear in Lucifer's eyes. After a while, he continued, "People who haven't been there can't imagine what a terrible place it is.". When I entered the cave of devouring souls, I used my divine power to protect my body. Do you know what I saw there? I am stupefied, way: "Be Grievance and the breath of death?" Lucifer shook his head and said, "No, I've seen a lot of ghosts. I've fought with the twelve witches in the underworld before. I haven't seen any visions in the underworld.". To tell you the truth, if it weren't for you, I really wouldn't want to mention what happened during that time. The first thing I saw in the cave of devouring souls was the Father God. Surprised, I said, "Father?" Lucifer nodded and said, "Yes, as soon as I entered the cave of the underworld, I was sucked in by an unusually powerful energy. Later, I met the Father God.". Father talked to me, talked to me, took me around in the divine world, and it was really comfortable to be with him for hundreds of years. However, in a casual, I found a thing, and I live together, has been very good to my father God is only a phantom, is a phantom in my mind. I broke out at that time, and after all the illusions disappeared, I found myself in a world without any light.
I clearly know that although all that is a phantom, but the time is really in the past, I was so easily trapped in the cave of devouring the soul for a hundred years ah! I almost went crazy. It was not easy for me to adjust my mind. When I was trying to get ready to go out, the phantom appeared again. Do you know who appeared this time? It's brother Diomandus. Hearing what he said, I couldn't help shouting in surprise: "What?"? Brother Diomandus. Lucifer nodded heavily and said, "Yes, it's Brother Diomandus. The phantom brought me to our divine world. When the six first-level gods were born, Diomandus and I were just engaged and playing together.". Although I knew it was the Phantom, I almost sank again, and when I killed the Phantom's Diomandus brother, his desperate eyes almost broke me. I passed out. I don't know how long it took me to wake up again. When I woke up,warehouse pallet racks, I was in a phantom, and a girl was taking care of me. That girl was my sweetheart for many years, and now I'm not afraid to tell you that she is Princess Phil Yunna. I lost my voice again: "What?"? Is the princess Phil Wun your sweetheart? 。 jracking.com
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