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Through the Overhead "Fast through is not the cann (23rd Nov 22 at 12:33am UTC)
It seems that there is only one most effective way to get rid of the new star and the source. So how do you annihilate that star? Yu Ying sat on a 100-meter tall building, because no one here could disturb her, thinking about what kind of means she should use. Although her skill has increased, she still doesn't know what kind of strength she is. She had not fought with the body for a long time, and for the last time in the so-called game world, she fought with the Star God. As she thought this, a godhead suddenly appeared in her hand. Speaking of all these years, her shadow in that game, that is, the last monarch in the abyss, is still constantly giving her bonus. Even though she was already far away from there, it was still effective. So the speed of her promotion is still good. Even she herself did not think that a person who was running around for a living would come to this step. Visible, how much human potential. Then Yu Ying put the godhood back. Then a red phoenix appeared on her hand. At this moment, she couldn't help thinking about one thing. Is this phoenix a phoenix now? Or Phoenix? Later, when people say phoenix, they usually refer to women. In fact, ancient books say that the phoenix actually represents two genders, the phoenix represents the male,Magnesium Oxide powder, and the phoenix with the female. It's just that after a long time, people are a little vague about the gender of Phoenix. And even become the representative of women. Especially in a hierarchical society, Phoenix is not something that ordinary people can own at all. She had never seen a real phoenix, so she did not know that the phoenix in her hand was male? Or female? Every feather of the phoenix in her hand is lifelike. If anyone saw it, they would think it was a living thing. In fact, this is not the case, this is created by Yu Ying with Reiki. Under Yu Ying's gaze,Magnesium Sulphate producer, the little red phoenix gradually became smaller. But that kind of danger increases. Seeing this, Dan Dan came out and said, "What are you doing?"? Stop it! Why do I feel this thing is dangerous? "Well, yes, when the Reiki is compressed and then released suddenly, it will explode.". After the explosion, the danger increased! Yu Ying said. When she had finished speaking, she smiled. This way of attack, Yu Ying originally thought it was very good. But after meeting that bubble adult, she felt that her mind was still not emancipated enough, it should be the lack of knowledge. How about this effect? Dan Dan asked. Just so so! Yu Ying said. This kind of compressed Reiki is still weak, although it is better than the attack in which the Reiki is not compressed. But from the bubble boss, Magnesium Oxide powder ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, you can actually think about the way of nuclear fusion and nuclear fission, and you will know that Reiki can burst out with greater attack power. It is also possible to combine the so-called godhood and belief in one place. In this way, Yu Ying has not moved. At the moment, she didn't want to try it, because the planet couldn't afford it. The little phoenix in her hand changed. At first, it was just monochrome. Later, the color of the phoenix was changeable and colorful, and later it became colorful. Dan Dan has been watching. When the phoenix's black eyes looked at it, Dan Dan felt uncomfortable. Yu Ying has been staring at the phoenix. This colorful phoenix has just begun to walk up and down on Yu Ying's palm. When Yu Ying was more skilled in control, this phoenix was flying around her. Whoa! Awesome "Applause!" Little fish are also showing their support. Well, it's very interesting. Smiling, Yu Ying used Reiki to make a nine-color deer, which still had a halo. In this way, Yu Ying made a lot of cute little animals. Let Dan Dan see is too many things to see. But in the end, these are not real animals. So Yu Ying still took back all the things that came out of Reiki. Dan Dan although some pity, but think of the equivalent of these things, Dan Dan felt that it is better to let them go back. They are afraid that the whole city will be destroyed at once. An inconspicuous little thing, which is comparable to the power of a small nuclear bomb. Yu Ying spent a lot of time to figure out a lot of things. After we get rid of the source, we can return to normal.
In the process, the man said that those who were deeply harmed, no matter where they were on the planet, could see the star, which was really a headache. It is said that people in the southern and northern hemispheres sometimes can't see certain constellations. But this new star can not be seen in any season, it is simply anti-science, but they can only endure a little. Yu Ying pondered for some time and finally decided to try. Before she left here, she went to see if Manager Dai had completed his own affairs? Fortunately, Manager Dai is still doing such a thing seriously. Yu Ying is relieved. She didn't show up either. After all, the identity has disappeared at this time, and coming out again will only cause big trouble. For example, how to explain what you have been doing these years? Chapter 27 sound of alarm. It seems that it is necessary to step up efforts. Yu Ying calculated her attack power in her mind, so she didn't need to add more. And you don't need any great moves. This new star does not have long legs to run away, nor can it fight back, so naturally there is no need to spend a lot of effort. Just like playing games, the main output is in the face of the general strange, but there is no need to enlarge the move, as long as the flat cut on the OK. The second attack began. This time she stepped up her efforts, but not too much, just a little more. She didn't show her real strength at all. Because she needs to master her own power as soon as possible. Even after the robbery, the surge in strength made her uncertain about the strength of her attack, and the new star was just used to practice. In this way, Yu Ying used the planet to test her strength under a blow. At the same time,potassium sulphate fertilizer, calculate how to make a better strike. Even if it is a flat chop, the angle and other aspects will be different, and the lethality will be different. stargrace-magnesite.com
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