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Summon a thousand troops (23rd Nov 22 at 12:32am UTC)
"However, the true God is indeed an incomprehensible existence, and he dares to give you such a dangerous thing." It should be said that trust, I am a good man! Good enough to believe in God! Wang Wei loudly declared his attributes as a good man. Yes, yes, I know you are a good man. Everyone else is sleeping. Don't speak so loudly. Holly put her little hand to her mouth and made a silent gesture. What you see is not necessarily what you know, but what you know you can't see. I remember the dragon prophet, Xuanjin Longweiya, once said this to me. At that time, I asked him to make a prophecy for me. What she got was this ambiguous sentence. This time, the true God appeared and got this sentence again. So I became attached to this sentence? God is so boring. Can't you just say something? Wang Wei is very depressed, he hates riddles most, but also this kind of riddle without clues. At this point, I can tell you that he is the only God, not the God who enjoys the belief of believers. To put it bluntly, whether the God who enjoys the belief of believers is God or not has to be said separately. She is the only God. Every word she says will become a possibility to promote the world. If he says everything to you, then when he finishes, things will probably happen. Of course, another possibility is that he is afraid of being discovered. The language of God has divine power. Any revelation of divine power in this place will become the focus of attention. Holly said. Yes, yes. Wang Wei squeezed two words out of his teeth. Forget it,teardrop pallet racking, it is estimated that you are also very depressed, or go to bed early, tomorrow morning to deal with the old man, can alarm the highest God to come to you today, the old man is not simple. "But do you think this supreme God and Spizrom, the God of space you believe in, are the same wave of gods?" Of course not, as I said, she is the great will, and the God of space is the true God, shuttle rack system ,automated warehouse systems, subject to this great will. You can simply understand it as the sum of the will of all gods, but it is also an independent individual existence. In short, the relationship between them is very complex, and the only difference that can be distinguished is that they can not have believers, nor do they need believers. "The situation is very specific, so how do you know?" I.. Guess! "Forget it and go to sleep." Holly's knowledge is so mixed that she doesn't know where it comes from. Anyway, everyone has a secret. Despite wanting to sleep well, it's a pity that someone still has insomnia. At this time, the superiority of the contract space was reflected. Although several girls were a little tired, the quality of rest was quite good. Poor Wang Wei was pulled close to the bathroom by Luna and Elidan to take a bath, and then changed clothes. The whole person was depressed to the extreme, as if he had emptied his spirit yesterday. And the fact is that his spirit has never been so bad, his whole body is sore, as if he had just gone to attack the city alone yesterday. It's good to have a contract space. I'm envious. If I had known I would have signed a contract with that God at that time, I could have found a contract space to restore it. Wang Wei complained as he was pulled back and forth. Aren't you a good man? Good people are born to work hard! Luna smoothed Wang Wei's clothes. "Well, I'm a good man. I fear neither hardship nor death." Wang Wei said to himself in a self-abandoned way. Several girls returned to the contract space, and Wang Wei met the Prince of Aragon who had been waiting there for a long time. Good morning Wang Wei said hello to each other feebly. Aragorn seems to have known about Wang Wei's spiritual depression for a long time, but he just looked at Wang Wei with ambiguous eyes. Brother, I know that too many girls around me are very happy, but I have to take care of my body a little bit. Wang Wei smiled directly at Aragorn's teasing. He couldn't explain that he had seen the true God, could he? He and Aragorn walked out of the palace. Aragorn's teacher had been waiting outside the palace for a long time. This time Wang Wei saw the old man dressed in a high priest's robe, with a priest's hat on his head and a scepter in his hand. May the light of God guide you, Aragorn.
” Said the old man. Volume 9 My Name is Kane Chapter 65 God of Justice and Judgment? Updated: November 15, 2008 9:31:19 Words in this Chapter: 4312 May God guide me. Aragorn gave a knightly salute and kissed the old man's hand. It looks like a cult. Wang Wei curled his lips and said in his heart. May the light of God guide you, Cain. The old man turned to Wang Wei and said. I hope God doesn't like me, but thank you. Wang Wei shook his head and said. The God of justice and judgment is said to be the God that most knights believe in. Those knights abide by their own rules and believe in the God of justice and judgment. They have excellent qualities. They are known as the representatives of good men in the new century and the idols of countless girls'dreams. This God is really handsome. Wang Wei looked at the statue of the naked child at the door and sighed with emotion. This is not a God, but a believer in God. The moral of this statue is that anyone is like a child in front of God. God will see through all your disguises. Said the old man. This God is really in bad taste, and he sees people naked. Thinking of yesterday's experience, Wang Wei suddenly straightened his face and saluted the God several times. Great God, Great God, I'm not talking about you. You must not go to the king's heart. Wang Wei had a serious face when he said this. Kane still didn't seem to believe what I said. The old man's face lengthened. No, I believe it completely, unreservedly! Wang Wei pointed to the naked child beside him and swore. Please come in with me. The old man walked in the front. Wang Wei and Aragorn walked behind. Cain,radio shuttle racking, wait a minute. No matter what happens, please don't panic. I bet when you really see everything in front of you, you will believe what the teacher said. Aragorn whispered to Wang Wei. kingmoreracking.com
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