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Upgraded Warcraft _ 20200215155356. (14th Nov 22 at 1:11am UTC)
But Zhou Tian's words, for a while, did not think of those things at all, and did not know what those Warcraft were thinking in their hearts, Zhou Tian naturally could not have expressed too much. It was also because the performance of the parties was too easy for those Warcraft to misunderstand, but at that time it also caused some trouble for Zhou Tian. Fine! Now that the Wolf King has lost this time, the position of the Beast King will be held by the male beast of the Snake King. The old beast king knew all too well the power of Zhou Tian's combination with the snake king. At the same time for such a successor, the old beast king is also quite satisfied, although do not know the name of Zhou Tian at the moment, but it is immediately at that time also made a decision without authorization. Zhou Tian did not expect such a situation at all, so when he suddenly heard the words of the old beast king, he could not help but freeze directly. Isn't it the three Warcraft above that are competing? Why did he suddenly become the king of beasts? Thinking of this, Zhou Tian was ready to reject the Warcraft, but did not expect that when Zhou Tian was ready to open his mouth, the snake king suddenly ran to his side at that time, in Zhou Tian's surprised eyes,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, directly wrapped around his body, and put his head into Zhou Tian's ear. Never say no. While looking at the fanatical Warcraft outside, the Snake King explained to Zhou Tian in a low voice: "I'm sorry, I didn't think things would develop like this!"! They all seem to have misunderstood the relationship between us, so they think that you already have the qualifications to compete for the king of beasts. Now the old beastmaster has made a declaration. If you refuse at this time, it will be like slapping all our Warcraft faces. When the time comes,30ml dropper bottle, those guys will not know what they will do. "Trouble." Zhou Tian really did not think that since he would encounter this kind of thing, if he knew early that he would encounter this kind of thing, Zhou Tian swore that he would never come out to fight with the Demons before. Now, when Zhou Tian wants to deal with this matter, he also feels a little difficult. It is not that Zhou Tian is really afraid of the Warcraft in the Warcraft Forest, although Zhou Tian will not provoke them if it is not necessary. But now at this time, Zhou Tian even the God of Light has been offended, a small Warcraft forest, Zhou Tian naturally will not care too much about their revenge. What really concerns Zhou Tian is the role of the snake king in this matter. Zhou Tian is the foreign aid invited by her snake king, and Zhou Tian is certainly not afraid of those Warcraft at all. But if Zhou Tian falls out with these Warcraft in the Warcraft Forest, then when the time comes, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, the most difficult thing to do is the Snake King. Zhou Tian doesn't care about the revenge of Warcraft Forest, but Zhou Tian is worried that the Snake King will be harassed by other Warcraft for his reasons. The best place for people who have nothing to worry about is here. They can do whatever they want, and they don't have to worry about so many things at all. But Zhou Tian obviously can't do that this time. For Zhou Tian, the snake king is not just a benefactor. The most important thing is that Zhou Tian also regards the snake king as a somewhat ambiguous friend. If it is not necessary, Zhou Tian does not want the snake king to be embarrassed. Therefore, even if in the heart Zhou Tianming then does not have any interest to the Warcraft forest this beast king's position. But because of the snake king, Zhou Tian is not good at this time to refute the old beast king's words, the result in a muddleheaded situation, Zhou Tian is also under the support of some Warcraft was pulled by them to do a lot of ceremonies. It was not until the Warcraft collectively called Zhou Tian the King of Beasts that Zhou Tian reacted at that time. Unconsciously, he has completed the succession of the King of Beasts, at this time, his identity as the King of Beasts, that is afraid that there is no way to get rid of it. Please subscribe "There's no need to pretend any more. Now there are only two beasts left here, the King of Beasts of Zhou Tian!" After completing the succession ceremony of the Beastmaster, Zhou Tian was led into a cave by the old Beastmaster.
When entering the cave, Zhou Tiancai had just breathed a sigh of relief because he was far away from the Warcraft, but he did not expect that he had just heard the first words of the old beast king, and he was directly surprised at that time. Although until this time, the old beast king has not shown any hostility to Zhou Tian. But when his identity was recognized by the other side, Zhou Tian still made a very fierce reaction at that time. Disappeared in an instant, when Zhou Tian reappeared, his figure was already behind the old beast king, raised his right paw, Zhou Tian directly prepared to attack the other side. However, after seeing clearly the situation of the old beast king, Zhou Tian suddenly withdrew his claws at that time. Although Zhou Tian is not an orthodox demon, his identity is really a monk of the Oriental Department. Compared with those professionals in the present world, Zhou Tian not only has a big gap between his strength and their essence, but also has many more abilities that only Oriental monks have. Just as Zhou Tian was about to attack the old beastmaster, he felt it exactly at that time with his own ability. By this time, the old beast king's life had come to an end, and even without Zhou Tian's hands, it was estimated that he had no chance to go out of the cave again. If it is the enemy, then Zhou Tian is naturally merciless. But even if the power of Zhou Tian is not his own penance, but his own pride is still there. In Zhou Tian's concept, if it is the enemy,Glass Cosmestic Containers, then it is absolutely necessary to kill the other side. But if the other side is already like the old beast king, and the identity of the'enemy 'is still uncertain, then Zhou Tian still disdains to kill such a'dying beast'. penghuangbottle.com
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